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Who's Who

The NSAICM is headed up by an Executive committee. This includes:

Dr Gary Lear 

Head of School

Dr Amir Rafi 

TPD (Training Programme Director) for Stage 1 (CT1-3 & ACCS CT2-4) & Quality Co-Lead

Dr Stephen Robb

TPD for Stage 2 (ST4-5) & Quality Co-Lead

Dr Chloe Fairbairns

TPD for Stage 3 (ST6-7)

Dr Chris Izod 

TPD for ARCP and ePortfolio lead

Dr Kathryn Bell 

TPD for trainees with differing needs

Dr Suzy O'Neill 

TPD for ICM and ACCS Stage 1 EM/AM/Anaes (CT1-2)

Regional Advisors

Anaesthesia, Dr Kathryn Bell,

Anaesthesia Deputy, Dr Ian Whitehead,

ICM, Dr Miriam Baruch,

Pain, Dr Ashish Gulve,

School Executive Committee

Nicola Robinson, School Manager,

Trudie Heron, Speciality Programme Co-ordinator (SPC),

Iain Adams, HR Officer, Lead Employer Trust (LET),



RCOA Tutors

Dr Karen Naru & Dr Claire Woods

FICM Tutors

Dr Thomas Cairns

Dr Susan Jackson (PICU)

RCOA College Tutors and FICM Faculty Tutors - contact details

NSAICM Trainee Committee

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