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Wellbeing and Support

Sometimes things are tough and we all need support. The Northern School of Anaesthesia and Intensive care medicine recognises this, particularly after the unprecedented two years we have had. Here you will find links to the BMA wellbeing and support services and some local support available.


Included in this page is information about working LTFT, returning to work following a period away, and pregnancy support. With key links and contacts.

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BMA Wellbeing and Support

The BMA have a range of resources available to access. There are counselling services through a 24/7 service. They also have a range of resources set out at recognising trauma and burnout through self help guides and recognising signs in colleagues and advice in how to make adjustments in your working life.



SuppoRTT stands for Supported Return to Training and was initiated by Health Education England to help trainees re-integrate back into work.

We are developing a variety of resources for trainees returning to work in the region, including an A-line return to work course, which compliments the HEENE cross-specialty course, a selection of Simulation videos to aid 'mental rehearsal' for a variety of clinical scenarios, as well as a 'buddy' system.  We would encourage you to attend the Flexible Training Forum which runs twice a year and encompasses LTFT and SuppoRTT issues, and is a good space to catch up with colleagues and resolve any queries.

Please email to find out more about any of the above.

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