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Welcome to The North East

The North East is a wonderful corner of the world. With it's fantastic cities Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesborough. It has a history steeped in industry with ship building, mining, agriculture and fishing. We have our very own UNESCO world heritage sites - Hadrian's Wall, Durham Cathedral and the Lake District. You will never be bored here and there really is something for everyone.

Great Days Out

Find Your Place

The North East is a wonderful place to live and a fantastic place to train. We have fantastic hospitals filled with enthusiastic staff and excellent training. There are huge trainee networks. Check out the North East's Find Your Place website here

New to the region

Thanks to Lisa MacBeth we have a lovely guide to the North East for those new to the region. This is downloadable here.

Dr Miriam Baruch

I arrived in Newcastle 10 years ago, a senior trainee on an inter-deanery transfer with a toddler and a 3 month old baby. I had many months to settle into life in the North East before I had to think about work.


We enjoyed trips to the beach, swimming, splashing in the water play Tyne at the Discovery museum and many afternoons in the park. It was a wonderful introduction to this fabulous Northern city. This region has much to offer a family with outstanding state schools, coast, city and countryside.


I am very much settled in Newcastle from both a professional and personal perspective. I’ve been an ICM/Anaesthesia consultant in Newcastle for 5 years now. I’m fortunate to have fantastic colleagues and the opportunity to practice critical care in a department that looks to the future and strives for excellence.


Many of our trainees work flexibly and combining critical care training with family commitments is entirely possible both as a trainee and afterwards as a consultant.

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