Do you want to get involved with Regional Primary Teaching?

Here are several opportunities to help:

Primary Crammer course – Basic Science lecturers


Primary FRCA VIVA Practice Day – Examiners

This viva practice day offers trainees about to sit the Primary FRCA viva with exam practice in a similar format to the real exam.  We invite trainees that have recently passed the Primary FRCA to give timed vivas similar to what they encountered in their exam.   We usually get through three full vivas during the course of the day, giving candidates invaluable practice just before their exam.

The success of this day relies on trainees volunteering to examine on it.  The viva day is regarded as regional teaching for appraisal purposes and all examiners will receive a certificate for their portfolio and a copy of the feedback from the day, which is usually excellent.

If you are interested in examining, please contact:   Email