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  • All day

    Date: Monday 11 June 2018

    Venue:   Institute of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital

    Under exam conditions, trainees will complete at least a full Clinical & Science VIVA by using recent exam questions supplied by post FRCA trainees.

    Clinical long case

    Clinical short cases

    Science vivas – anatomy, pharmacology, physics and physiology.

    There is an expectation is that after success at the Final FRCA, trainees return as Examiners at least twice by way of payback.

    Course Directors:

    Dr Linda Waddilove, Consultant Anaesthetist, Freeman Hospital

    Dr Stephen Robb, Consultant Anaesthetist, Sunderland Royal Hospital

    For further information, please email:  Barbara Sladdin

  • All day

    MEPA is a national course for Specialty Trainees in Anaesthesia, teaching management strategies for paediatric anaesthetic emergencies. MEPA is recognised by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists.

    A one-day, small group simulation course, offering both practical and theoretical training using simulation. Provision is made for detailed scenario feedback and discussion in a supportive and constructive manner.

    This regional course is held throughout the year, at the Newcastle Hospitals Trust Simulation Centre based at the Freeman Hospital.

    Course date – Monday 25 June 2018

    Further Information:


Getting Started with Intermediate (ST3) Training

Welcome to the NSAICM Intermediate Training programme.  The intermediate level is two years in duration and introduces trainees to specialist areas of anaesthesia which includes cardiothoracic anaesthesia and neuroanaesthesia.

During this phase of training, trainees must pass the Final FRCA Examination to enable them to progress to ST5.

Training Programme Director for Intermediate Training:

Dr Stephen Robb   email:  Stephen.robb@chsft.nhs.uk


Units of Training – Intermediate Training – ST3-4

Core Level Training Certificate

You MUST submit your Core Level Training Certificate to your new HR department at the Lead Employer Trust before you start ST3.

NSAICM Induction

You will be invited to attend the School Induction  This will give you the opportunity of meeting the  Programme Director.   Details will be emailed to you by Health Education North East.

Email address:  nsaicm.arcp@nhs.net

Royal College of Anaesthetists – Registration

Intermediate Trainees must register their training with the College.  You will see that the form asks for your Deanery training number.  You will not know this number as yet and HENE will let you know it in due course.   Please leave this section blank.

Just before you start your ST3 post you will be sent some information and documentation from HENE which is required to be completed.  When this is returned, there is a small process at HENE end and when that has been completed your Deanery training number will be sent to you.   You can inform the College of your number at a later date.

HENE email address: nsaicm.arcp@nhs.net




You will need to inform the RCoA if you have moved region.   For help please email Dr Chris Izod, TPD for e-portfolio.

Email address:  c.izod@nhs.net


School Courses

There are 2 courses provided by the Northern School of Anaesthesia that we recommend you attend:

  1. Introduction to Intermediate Training
  2. Final FRCA course

Further information can be found  in the menu bar under ‘Regional Courses’.

Educational Supervision

You will be allocated to an Education Supervisor by your College Tutor.  On arrival to your new department, you should aim to meet with your Educational Supervisor within the first two weeks of starting a placement.  You will need to complete the ES1 form available from the Northern School of Anaesthesia website – found in the ‘Educational Supervision’ section at the bottom of the website.

Lead Employer Trust – Junior Doctors Contract 2016 Implementation FAQs

The LET will be updating these FAQs on a regular basis, so please keep reviewing them for further details on the new contract.