In your Final year of training, the RCoA will inform the GMC about your CCT date.  Please note that the award of a CCT and inclusion on the Specialist Register are NOT automatic procedures; you are required to apply for your CCT Certificate.   It is a legal requirement for you to be on the Specialist Register before taking up a substantive or honorary NHS consultant post.

Further information:

Last working day

If you are planning to leave the department before changeover then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform the Rotamaker/College Tutor/Anaesthetic Secretary of your last working day.   If you do not do this, departments may not be able to release you before changeover.

If your CCT date is two or three days after changeover, please speak to the Programme Director to coordinate your last working day with changeover.

Completion of Training

Within six months of your potential CCT date, you need to complete the Notification of Completion of Training form.  Completion of training form

The College require an update of all your training.  In the ‘content of training’ section you need to list all the modules of training undertaken during your Higher and Advanced Years.   If this is not completed thoroughly the form will be returned.

Please ensure the RCoA has received your Intermediate Level Training Certificate (ILTC).   Please note that the RCoA will be unable to formally assess your Completion date until this has been satisfactory completed.

Once the College receives both the Notification of Completion of Training form and the ARCP outcome 6, they will recommend award of CCT and entry onto the Specialist Register, to the GMC.

About four months before your CCT date, the GMC will invite you to apply for entry to the Specialist Register.  This is an online process and you will have to pay a fee to the GMC.   If you have not received an email, please check your junk mail as many trainees have found the request in this folder.

Once you have completed the Notification of Completion of Training form, please email (word version) to your Training Programme Director along with a copy of your Intermediate Level Training Certificate.  This will then be checked by the Programme Director for forwarding to the Training & Examinations Directorate at the College to enable them to recommend you to the STA for your Certificate.


Final ARCP

You should ideally have your final ARCP within the last three months of your CCT date.  If you have not received your invite and are expecting an ARCP please contact:

To avoid any last minute problems please note the following:

Trainees will not be recommended to the GMC for the award of their CCT until the following is uploaded to e-Portfolio:

Period Of Notice

Anaesthetic trainees will be expected at all times to give 3 month’s notice of their intention to leave the rotation.   In the past, some trainees have not bothered to ‘actively’ resign, and just assumed they could stop work on their CCT date.  This is strictly not the case.

The Human Resource Department of the LET will formally write to all trainees at least 3 months in advance of their CCT date to ask whether they will be taking up their Period of Grace or finishing their contract on their CCT date.  If trainees take up their Period of Grace then the 3 month notice period will apply. This will be clarified in writing but does not constitute a change of contract.

Please note that both HENE and LET assume, as a default, that you will take your grace period.  This is a good thing really but, once you have a job, you must resign 3 months before your CCT date before being caught out by this default.

If you have an idea when you will be leaving the rotation, please could you email your Training Programme Director.   The reason for this is purely for rota planning/appointments.   If you are thinking of asking for a 6 month period of grace, please let your Programme Director know.

You should not resign before you are awarded outcome 6 at ARCP.   However, if you are offered a Consultant post you can put in writing to the LET that you intend to leave on your CCT date pending ‘outcome 6’ at your final ARCP.   You must complete the attached Leavers Proforma and submit it to LET HR Manager.

You may need to explain to your new Trust that your start date will need to be agreed after your final ARCP.   All departments will want you to start at the earliest date, but sometimes they just have to wait a week or two extra for you to arrive.

Leavers proforma

This document is to be completed and emailed to the LET.



thumbnail of Leavers-Proforma



A formal email of resignation is required to the Training Programme Director and HR (Lead Employer Trust).

In order for the Royal College of Anaesthetists to keep accurate membership records and to ensure your e-porfolio remains available, it would be extremely helpful if you advised them by email of your plans after training.  Please email the Training Department:


Post CCT – revalidation

For reference:

DO NOT change your ‘Responsible Officer’ until you get revalidated by the GMC.   You will have problems revalidating if Trusts change your Responsible Officer before you have been revalidated.

HEE NE will send your ARCP paperwork to the GMC for revalidation and within 90 days the GMC will contact you with revalidation information.

You should then change your Responsible Officer to the Trust you are working in.

Be aware that some Trusts will change your Responsible Officer before revalidation.  Please ensure you do not change until you have been revalidated.