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  • All day

    Regional Postfellowship Group Meeting

    Date: 6 March 2018

    Venue:  TBC

    Programme:  to follow

    Departments will expect you to book study leave.

  • All day

    It is aimed at  Core Anaesthetic Trainees and working towards the Primary FRCA exam.

    Matched to the Basic Level Curriculum and incorporated Practical Workshops with both Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring and Infusion Pumps.

    Date:  7 March 2018

    Vuneu:  Institute of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital


    Further details:   Barbara.Sladdin@nuth.nhs.uk

  • All day

    Date: 12 March 2018

    Venue: Simulation Centre, Freeman Hospital

    The course is aimed at anaesthetic trainees, Cardiothoracic/Thoracic anaesthetists of all grades or anaesthetists who use one lung anaesthesia occasionally, such as trauma, upper GI, vascular or scoliosis surgery. It is particular complementary for specialist trainees in cardiothoracic anaesthesia modules to achieve competencies.

    There will also be a Storz rep coming along, with a range of scopes for people to get their hands on.
    The course is limited to 12 delegates.

    Further information: Barbara.Sladdin@nuth.nhs.uk

  • All day

    No additional detail for this event.

  • All day

    Keep up to date locally with essential topics in anaesthesia by attending the AAGBI’s Core Topics meeting. Central to the AAGBI’s educational programme Core Topics meetings are one or two day conferences held at different locations about the UK and Ireland.

    • Covering a broad spectrum of core topics essential to every anaesthetist, including trainees
    • The opportunity to update your knowledge and top up your CPD in a time and cost effective way.
    • Discover what’s new, share ideas and network with peers in these didactic and interactive sessions.
    • Covering FRCA exam subjects, perfect for busy trainee anaesthetists.
    • Come away with up-to-date information and skills.

    Date:  14 March 2018

    Venue:   Newcastle Civic Centre

    Further details:  https://www.aagbi.org/education/events/core-topics

  • All day

    A three day mentorship course designed for you to:

    • Develop mentorship skills
    • Meet GMC best practice

    Date:  16 March 2018

    Venue:   Education Centre, James Cook Unversity Hospital

  • All day
    Enter a location

    Enter a location

    MEPA is a national course for Specialty Trainees in Anaesthesia, teaching management strategies for paediatric anaesthetic emergencies. MEPA is recognised by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists.

    A one-day, small group simulation course, offering both practical and theoretical training using simulation. Provision is made for detailed scenario feedback and discussion in a supportive and constructive manner.

    This regional course is held throughout the year, at the Newcastle Hospitals Trust Simulation Centre based at the Freeman Hospital.

    Course date – 19 March 2018

    Further Information:



Educational Supervisor Forms

Trainees on the New Contract

Trainees on the new contract should come with a copy of a work schedule provided by the LET which they then personalise.  This is in addition to the usual ES meeting form.  The additional form is a HR related form and nothing to do with the School.

Since trainee revalidation started in April 2013 the Educational Supervision paperwork is as follows:

Initial Meeting

This should occur within 2 weeks of a trainee commencing a new post. All sections need to be completed especially the section regarding sickness / special leave.


Intermediate Meeting

This is not compulsory but recommended for all placements longer than 3 months. It can be used at any point if the trainee and supervisor have a meeting.


Final Meeting

If the trainee is not due an ARCP in the time period that the report covers then an e-Portfolio Interim Progress Report Form should be used. This form is requested in the same way as other assessments and is completed manually in the e-Portfolio by the trainee before being sent to the ES. This will then appear in the ARCP progress page as well as being linked in the ESSR prior to ARCP.

The IPR form should also be used at the end of a 3 months placement if trainees are undertaking a 3 month / 3 month split so long as they are not having an ARCP in the 3 months that it is being completed for. The IPR can be linked to Units of Training.

If the trainee has an ARCP then the ES must complete the Educational Supervisor Structured Report form in the e-Portfolio. If the ARCP is towards the end of the placement then this form will suffice for the whole placement. If the ARCP is towards the beginning of the placement then the ES should use evidence from the previous placement End of Placement Review Form to complete the ESSR but must complete an electronic IPR form when the trainee leaves at the end of the placement.

If the trainee has an ARCP then they will be sent the appropriate ARCP form to complete in addition to the forms above.

If there are any questions please contact:   i.j.whitehead@nhs.net

Preparation for absence from work


Return to work form and Review of return to work form



ICM Educational Supervisor meeting paperwork

Intensive Care Medicine  – Educational Supervision Meetings

Trainees are to currently use the FICM 2010 ETR to record their meetings


This will eventually be replaced as the curriculum requirements have changed, however we are currently waiting to see if the FICM introduce a new ETR for the 2011 Curriculum.


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